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You, the client, are the most important person when we train. Our goal is to get you the results you want to achieve. Whether your goals are measured in strength, in pounds lost, or in reduced body fat percentage, we will work every day to get you closer than you were the day before.

You will train like an "Olympian" because Olympians, like all successful people, develop the ability to overcome all limitations. They set their goals and do what is necessary to reach them.

Olympians and athletes must be physically and mentally strong, so we challenge our clients in both areas to do things they don't believe they can do. We use proper planning, coaching, and encouragement to cultivate that athlete in you.

Athletes need a solid understanding of what they're doing and how to do it well. There are many ways to get fit and we are flooded with new cool exercise trends that can be unsuitable and even dangerous.

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As much as we want our clients to have fun, safety is most important, and we weigh the risk benefit of every exercise for each individual client. We guide and inform clients on each training movement's target and the proper execution of the technique and form for safe and optimal results. We will never put you in a situation where risk outweighs your benefit, or where we are training one area of your body at the expense of another.

Nutrition and healthy living, both crucial to performance gains and weight loss, can seem confusing and some trainers may neglect to incorporate this area. Determining what is healthy or what is not healthy need not be overwhelming.

We can help you clarify and customize an integrated nutrition and diet plan that is simple and practical. We strongly believe in you reaching your goals and are dedicated to meet you where you are in your journey and advance you toward that goal.